Scoubidou Instructions

What is scoubidou?

Scoubidou are the latets craze to hit the streets of Britain. The kids love them!

A scoubidou is strong cords of brightly coloured plastic. They're available in loads of different colours.

Do you scoubidou? Send us photos of your best scoubidou with instructions on how to make it and we'll be giving out a prize every month for the best! Make the photo less than 1mb please!


What do you do with a scoubidou?

You make things out of them! This makes them really fun and very versatile. The only limits are your imagination! Kids will love them and pick up the various knots really simply. We hope to show you some basic instructions on what you can do with a scoubidou and then you'll be able to get started.

Basic Scoubidou knots

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Round knots

Square knots

Diagonal knots

Flat knots

Starting knots





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Starting off your first scoubidou
First knot
Other knots
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Pen scoubidou in photos
Scoubidou - 100 Glitter Colours
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how to scoubido


scoubidou accessories

Buying Scoubidou -


Available in assorted colour packs,
Scoubidou are also available in rainbow colours, glitter colours, glow in the dark colours and pearl colours, as well as accessories to be included on your scoubidou.


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